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Application of photoelectric switch in crane

Photoelectric proximity switch is made use of the photoelectric effect of the switch, the light emitting device and photoelectric device according to a certain direction in a detection probe, when there is a reflective surface (object detection) approach, the photoelectric receiving element to the reaction and in the output signal, which can be "perceived" a body close, cut-off, photoelectric switch with characteristics of long detection distance, now crane non-contact limit switch using reflector type photoelectric switch.

working principle

The light-emitting tube and receiver (integral) is fixed on the end of a beam (or car driving end), reflecting plate is fixed in the taxi track ends (or rail car end) corresponding to the position, when the cart to the track end mobile and move to the detection distance, close to the device receive the light emitted, through the sensor, the control circuit analysis, signal output to the corresponding control loop, stop the running direction.

1, non contact detection, does not affect the running condition of the measured object;

2, do not produce mechanical wear and fatigue damage, long working life;

3, the response is fast, half of the response time of up to a few milliseconds to live tens of milliseconds;

4, the use of fully sealed structure, moisture, dust performance is good, strong work stability;

5, electric shock, no spark, no noise, applicable to the requirements of explosion-proof occasions;

6, the output signal is large, easy to interface with the computer or programmable controller;

7, small size, easy to install and adjust.

Photoelectric close to switch as the lifting of the trip limit, avoid contact limit position switch of the weaknesses, to safety, reliability, safety and maintenance convenience, also to crane electrical system PLC control supporting use to lay a good foundation, ready for heavy machine electrical automation development.


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